The Brand + The Designers

Mackenzie Maddison, quality swimwear designed and manufactured in Vancouver, BC. A label started by Mackenzie, a Fashion Marketing graduate explains;

“My journey started while attending Blanche Macdonald’s Global Fashion Marketing Program. During my time in school, I started a side hustle creating suits and posting my designs on various social media platforms.”

Post graduation, Mackenzie decided to create her first collection. She created a team consisting of a designer (herself), a local pattern maker and manufacturer. The collection was presented at VanSwim Fashion Show back in 2018. Soon after, Mackenzie wanted to take her career to the next step, with some help she created a website, hosted her first content shoot and developed her online store.

In 2019, the brand grew with the addition of fellow Blanche Macdonald graduate, Danielle Dyrland, a Vancouver based professional makeup artist and now partner.

Driven to grow and expand the brand, Mackenzie and Danielle are dedicated to creating quality pieces focused on minimalistic, trendy, and figure-flattering designs for all women.



Build a female empire. A business consisting of local talent, creating original, simplistic and fashion forward pieces made of quality.


Inspire others.

I encourage you to ask yourself the same question I asked myself and answer the following as if there were no limitations and no boundaries:

“What is your dream job?” 

I truly believe we can accomplish anything we want in this world, so I encourage you to dream big, set goals and work hard for what you truly deserve.

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