Mackenzie Maddison is a Vancouver based company specializing in handmade swimwear manufactured locally in Vancouver, BC. A company started by Mackenzie Friesen, a Blanche Macdonald graduate explains,

“My journey started while attending Blanche Macdonald’s Global Fashion Marketing Program. During my time in school, I started a “side hustle” designing and manufacturing custom suits for women.”

The Mackenzie Maddison brand is devoted to manufacturing products of quality that are fashion forward and flattering to the female figure. Inspired by a female designer she came across on Instagram and a class assignment where she was asked to answer the following question as if there were no limitations, no boundaries;

“What is your dream job?”

Mackenzie answered with the following statement,

“I want to own and operate a successful swimwear line.”

As a company, we are pleased to be living in beautiful BC, grinding to be a part of the up and coming fashion scene Vancouver is aspiring to be.



An empire built to be a safe platform for women to be exactly who they are and comfortable in their own skin. Mackenzie Maddison is determined to create a brand for the women who were told they couldn’t do it, they weren’t good enough and to be the brand with the loud enough voice that says, “You are beautiful”. 

“I truly believe you can accomplish anything you want in this world. I challenge you to ask yourself the same questions I asked myself. ‘What do you want?’ and ‘What will make you happy?’ Whatever the answer is, even if it seems impossible, I encourage you to fight for it. Make it happen.”


“My vision, I believe is still a personal work in progress.”

Mackenzie describes herself as a feminist. She built Mackenzie Maddison to be the brand that pushes the envelope, allowing females to express themselves using their individuality and what they believe to be beautiful, confident and self-empowering. At Mackenzie Maddison we believe in celebrating and complimenting the female figure.

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